Each year, singers from around the Midlands and beyond join voices to comprise the Sing‑Along Messiah Choir, which leads the audience in the singing of the Messiah choruses. These faithful and generous people contribute their time and talent to our collective enrichment and enjoyment of worship. We are very grateful for them, and thank them for their significant contribution the joyful Sing-Along Messiah experience.


Though the Sing‑Along Messiah Choir is comprised primarily of singers from local church choirs and community choral groups, anyone who would like to participate in the Choir is most welcome.  The Choir needs as many singers who know the choruses as possible. Strong leadership from a good Choir helps the audience participants feel more confident and comfortable. If you know of other singers who would like to participate, bring them along. We welcome everyone with a heart for Christ and a voice for Messiah.

Rehearsal for the Choir is scheduled for Sunday, December 16, at 6:45pm, in the sanctuary of Washington Street United Methodist Church.  Typically, rehearsal lasts about an hour. Choir participants are requested to arrive by 6:30pm and to gather in the sanctuary quietly, so as not to disrupt soloist rehearsals. Choral scores will be available for anyone needing to borrow one.

If you would like to sing in the Sing-Along Messiah Choir on Monday evening, but cannot attend rehearsal on Sunday, please send an e-mail to  This will assist the producers in planning choir seating.

Sing‑Along Messiah 2017 is scheduled for Monday, December 17, at 7:00 p.m. Call time for the orchestra and Choir on Monday is 6:15pm. The choir will meet in the Leavitt Choir Room behind the sanctuary. Choir participants may wear robes from their church choirs, performance group dress, or other appropriate attire.